Our seminary-level Bible course that ALL can understand called "The End Times For Beginners", which already has over 20 hours of content covering 29 books of scripture, is about to grow even bigger. MUCH bigger. Efforts are now underway to add 30 MORE SESSIONS to this groundbreaking course! And yes if you have already enrolled at any point over the past year you get ALL OF THEM FOR FREE. If you have not signed up yet, now is the time, as the price will likely increase substantially when the new sessions are added. To make it even easier for you, we want to give you an additional 34% off! Just CLICK HERE to get the discount automatically applied at checkout. So what exactly can you expect from these additional 30 sessions? How about detailed Biblical ANSWERS on:

  • The Beast, the Antichrist and the False Prophet
  • The 7 year Covenant and the 3rd Temple
  • The Great Falling Away
  • Israel and the Jews
  • The Rapture
  • The Millennium - 1,000 year reign on earth
  • Overview of all the Signs
  • What God expects of His Church in the End Times

Still not convinced? Read the following endorsements:

"A rare voice whose passion for preparing the Church to face the challenges of the days ahead is much needed in this critical hour.” - Joel Richardson, globally recognized expert on Bible Prophecy, bestselling author, filmmaker.

“More end-timing than one will get in seminary” - Jake McCandless, Pastor, Executive Director “Stand Firm Ministries”, author “Spiritual Prepper”

"This study has been eye-opening, transforming, and a breath of fresh air! The anointed teaching of end times has been brought and taught in a way that novice, seasoned, and other, will come away with a fresh new look of prophecy! So worth the investment you will be blessed, refreshed coming away with more than guesswork!" - Randy Scott, Senior Pastor, Iron Faith Fellowship

"Exceptional and well-structured. EVERYONE who is a Christian, this is a must read/must have. Best investment I've made yet." - Robby Herrage, recording artist and worship leader

"Three years ago I had very different beliefs about the rapture, tribulation and the Antichrist. I have since been inspired to study, research, talk to others and help them be prepared. Thank you so much for your ministry." - Patricia E, USA

"Now I understand what are the 7 Seals. Thank you so much for the teaching." - Olivia S, Malaysia